Here, recommended competitions and results by members in competitions recommended by the club are displayed. 

We believe these business competitions are a great way to push our members and further their interests in business in a fun way.


Interschool Stock Pitch Competition 2019

Stock Pitch Competition 2018

ASX Sharemarket Game

About: Open to the public, the game gives you an opportunity to learn about the sharemarket and how it works. You get $50,000 virtual cash which you can use to buy and sell shares in real sharemarket conditions. 

How: Will be run in a league so members can compete to have the most successful portfolio.

Registration opens: 31st January

Trading period: 21st February-5th June



About: The Tiger Global Case Competition is an annual Business, Entrepreneurship and Consulting Case Competition open to all high school students.

Deadline for registration: 28th June


Past success: 2nd Place

Generation Entrepreneur: Initiate 48

About: Hackathon event where high school students have 48 hours to build their own startup.

Website: Initiate 48

Past success: 1st Place, 3rd Place

Plan Your Own Enterprise Competition

About:  In up to 3,000 words, students present a creative idea for a small business as a business plan

Entries close: ~August

Website (2018):

BlueShift Case Competition

About: BlueShift is an annual business case competition for high school students from all over the world run by the Queensland University of Technology.

Early bird registration closes (case is released the day after): 3rd March 2019

Written submission due and final registrations close: 29 April


Young Investors Society Global Stock Pitch Competition

About: Each student/team writes a report on their chosen company with a "Buy" or "Sell" recommendation and then presents and defends their analysis in a written report and brief to a panel of University Professors and Industry Professionals.

Deadline for registration: 28th February 

Deadline to submit report: 30th March


UNSW Economics and Business Studies Competition

About: An annual competition for year 11 and year 12 students across Australia studying economics and business studies consisting of 40 multiple choice questions.

Past success from club members:

Liem Grimes: Junior Winner 2018

Henry Xu: Junior High Distinction 2018


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