About us

The Sydney Business Society is an interschool, student-run organisation dedicated to providing enthusiastic and entrepreneurial minds with previously unattainable experiences, such as guest speaker events, stock-pitch competitions and work experience with leading Australian companies. We are passionate about entrepreneurship and finance, our mission being to foster these interests and to provide opportunities in all things business.


The Sydney Business Society is overseen by a group of high school students from Sydney who form the Committee. This committee handles internal activities whilst also playing the over-arching role in connecting the branches by fostering collaboration.

Founder: John Wang 

Founder: Henry Xu

Co-President: Aariyan Desai

Co-President: Anthony Greenall-Ota

Head of Events: Jeffrey Chen

Head of Marketing: Nicholas Chang

Ambassadors 2021

Each school branch has a team of Ambassadors who lead their school's club. These ambassadors have a pivotal role in the organisation for relaying information down to students and organising internal events.

Sydney Boys High School
Pymble Ladies College
Baulkham Hills High School
Penrith High School
Meriden School
The Kings School
North Sydney Boys High School
North Sydney Girls High School
James Ruse Agricultural High School

Sydney Business Society
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